Scraper system vacuum evaporator

  • From 3 to 12 tons / day distillate
  • Dramatic reduction in volume and waste costs
  • Can use the surplus energy from combined heat and power plants
  • Matter recovery

Designed to treat wastewater with a very high solids content. The RW series is often used to further concentrate concentrates.



The RW Series vacuum evaporators have a double bottom that simultaneously serves as a heat exchanger. The boiler is equipped with a rotating scraper so that the medium does not keep moving and can be concentrated extremely high. The vacuum evaporator produces a recyclable distillate free of salts and a concentrate containing less than 10% water. The RW Vacuum evaporators are continuous systems and work per badge.

The concentrate is released by a membrane pump or by opening the door through which the screw can drain the concentrate out. By using an extra heat exchanger, steam can also be used as a heat energy source.

Type Distillate production
RW 3000 3,000 l –24u
RW 6000 6,000 l –/24u
RW 12000 12,000 l –/24u