Mechanical vacuum recompression

When large volumes and high temperatures come together.nLow operating costs due to minimal energy consumption, the investment can often be earned back in months.nThe Vacuum evaporators can be used for large volume waste water flows. They produce more than 120,000 liters of distillate per day.nThe Vacuum evaporators are available in two ranges using different heat transfer technologies: nnTC Series nForced circulation vacuum evaporatorLarge capacity at low energy consumptionnF SERIES NEW GENERATION vacuum evaporatorsEvolution in performance and reduction of energy consumption. Even more eco-friendlynnMVR SERIES “FALLING FILM” VACUUM EVAPORATOR A system with a very low specific energy consumption of only 0.11 kWh / liternVacuum 7-9 kPanEnergy (compressor, circulation pumps) 80 – 90 ° CnSuitable for the treatment of RO concentrates

TC Series

Vacuum evaporator with forced circulation
The TC series is a vacuum evaporator with powerful circulation through the external heat exchanger. As a result of which the medium does not attach, keeps moving and can be concentrated on. The TC series vacuum evaporator is suitable for treating larger quantities of wastewater with a very low maintenance frequency. The TC series works on the basis of mechanical vapor recompression. Read more »


TC serie
RV F Series

New generation of vacuum evaporators
The new RV F derived from the MVR model, a product with excellent technology that can be applied in any industrial sector with water in their process. Read more »


RV F serie
MVR Series

Falling film vacuum evaporator
The MVR falling film Vacuum Evaporator works on the basis of mechanical vapor re-compression. Read more »


MVR serie