A new generation of vacuum evaporators

Stimulation of evolution

Modern society is faced with a future, characterized by dilemmas concerning many aspects of life, common to both the injured man and society. Water shortages and increasingly stringent discharge limits, rising raw material costs and CO2 emissions are all unfortunate tendencies of remarkable concern. IN response to this scenario, vacuum evaporator, backed by thirty five years, has chosen the path of innovation.

The new RV evaporator RV F has evolved from the MVR range, which itself is the pinnacle of technological excellence within every industry, using water in its process. Designed for the remarkable reduction of wastewater volumes and its discharge costs and in order to meet the stringent discharge limits imposed by numerous environmental regulations, vacuum evaporator has now progressed to its next level of excellence: the RV F is the answer to future challenges humanity is confronted.



The technically applied solutions, supported by experimental analyzes, enable further improvement in implementation and savings.

  • The innovative nebulizer offers excellent distillate levels.
  • The new compressor has been repositioned and offers improved transfer; a stainless steel version is also available.
  • An even more efficient thermal exchange is obtained both from the concentrate and from the distillate.

A lot of attention to the client’s requirements, matured by the “know-how” resulting from the thousands of installations delivered worldwide, guarantees a focused approach to the daily needs of the client.

  • Improved access to all major components
  • User manual available in tablet format for more intuitive and easier access to information.
  • A new automatic heat exchanger chemical cleaning unit allows this activity to be carried out during the night, on the weekend, or any other time, with a minimum of manpower.
  • Improved surveillance and remote control.
  • Reduced space and the possibility of placing the installation outside.

The development of a vacuum evaporator was focused on further environmental awareness, whereby the innovation process is driven towards an even greater respect for the environment.

  • Further reduction of consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • A new low-noise housing, offers significant noise reduction.
  • Completely drained by the specific drain sleeves, prevent the risk of leaks, which can potentially be harmful to the environment.

RVF presents a new vacuum evaporator challenge, offering the user an even more focused solution with real added value in every area.


Type Distillate production
F 15 15,000 l – 4,000 US gal/24u
F 40 40,000 l – 10,600 US gal/24u
F 60 60,000 l – 16,000 US gal/24u
F 120 120,000 l – 31,700 US gal/24u