The after sales service solutions for wastewater evaporators offers the opportunity to successfully take advantage of the solutions our Clients invested in over time. Our Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal and is the fruit of co-operation with the best research centers, a constant updating training for our technicians and a widespread presence in the field with a capillary network of service centers.

Rental units

Evaporators has a program that provides solutions and services for emergency and planned hires and longterm contracts. It constitutes a fleet of mobile water treatment units, that may be deployed as stand alone units or combined to form complete systems: trailers, containers and skid-mounted systems. Thanks to our full on-site service, temporary hire contracts can evolve to long term contracts – up to several years.

Service packs

The Service Packs offer programs tailored to fit your water treatment needs. Choose the best after-sale support for your evaporator.
Full service: The opportunity to choose a full and complete package including any after sales activity.
Customized Full Service: The opportunity to choose an after sales package with activities that meet any requirement from the Client.