Heat pump vacuum evaporators

The industrial wastewater treatment becomes an opportunity for water recycling and valuable matter recovery. Water and wastewater treatment units particularly suitable when high quality distillate is required.

PC is the evaporators family that stands out from the others because of the flexibility, low energy consumption and reliability. The heat pump vacuum evaporation allows to control problematic foaming phenomena, allowing total separation of metals and surfactants, giving high yield and quality in terms of distillate, with a significant reduction of COD.
PC range is available in two series using different heat transfer technologies:

E Serie

Heat pump forced circulation vacuum evaporators
E series is designed to produce maximum distillate quality with minimum capital and operating costs. Each model is a compact skid-mounted unit, simple, safe and easy to move. Control is by a PLC, including the functions of feed and discharge, therefore allowing automatic operation and minimum supervision. All models are designed for continuous operation, 24h/day, and require just electrical supply and compressed air.


E serie
R Serie

Heat pump scraped vacuum evaporators
The PC R series evaporators have a heating system based on a heat pump and operate under vacuum at 5kPa and around 30°C (86°F).
Heat exchange occurs within a conical jacket, and the boiling chamber inside part is cleaned by internal scrapers that continuously stir concentrate. This configuration is designed to produce a concentrate with a high final concentration and a distillate with low conductivity.


R serie